Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Two Important Points Results Menristek visit to the Laboratory of Higher Education Dr Warsito

The visit of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. M Nasir, PhD, Ak to the laboratories of Dr Warsito Purwo Taruno, M.Eng yesterday evening still leaves the story. Anything? During the visit, Prof. M Nasir repeatedly call will provide support to Dr Warsito. The reason, Dr. Warsito http://www.seopageexplorer.com/explore/www.ruangtani.com/16-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-jamur-tiram-putih// a researcher from Indonesia who need to be backed up and supported by the government. Unsparing, Menristek call will help Dr Warsito to include research into the leading center of innovation Kemristekdikti program. In fact, he directly asked the Director General Strengthening of Research and Development, Dr. Muhammad Dimyati, MSc,

to take care of it. \”Maybe research can be categorized innovation, in this case the leading center of innovation (Kemristekdikti red). Later we enter the category. Later Pak Dimyati we will push to get there,\” said Prof. Nasir, after visiting the laboratory of Dr. Warsito at Jl Silk Road, Nature Sutera, Tangerang, Banten, on Monday (07/12/2015) night. In addition to providing support, Menristek also promised to open a communication to the Ministry of Health. The points he wanted to convey is this research should be accompanied by the Ministry of Health, is not closed and dbiarkan abandoned. Utilization principle be

the main reason. Menristek believes if there is a mistake in the process of research conducted by Dr. Warsito, MoH can fix it. Do not let the tools mentioned can detect and cure of cancer is not used at all. \”Eat we ask the Ministry of Health to provide guidance today. Since this innovation of the nation and we have to push. Do not let the products that take advantage of other countries. It is a pity,\” he said. Related protests from some quarters that say the research of Dr. Warsito not appropriate clinical rules, Prof Nasir said assistance by

the Ministry of Health could be the answer. With assistance, the research could be increased to be higher, or the so-called scale-up research. Scale-up is Prof Nasir is to involve more experts and oncologists. In addition, the study will also be conducted with larger and more closely, for example by using a control group or a comparison group. The control group or comparison group needed to see whether the effectiveness of anticancer vest Dr Warsito as told. According to Prof. Nasir if this study be scaled up, there are two possibilities for research. \”First, none of the patients treated with

the tool pack Warsito and there are not handled by the tool pack Warsito. Secondly, let\’s say they are healthy, which is not illness, when using a tool that\’s how. Are they to be sick so? It\’s important to Please also note, \”he said. MoH now it is conducting a review of the research of Dr. Warsito relevant http://www.sitedossier.com/site/www.ruangtani.com/9-tahap-panduan-lengkap-cara-budidaya-bawang-merah/ rules of clinical trials. Review carried out for 30 days with the involvement of researchers and oncology experts.

Two Important Points Results Menristek visit to the Laboratory of Higher Education Dr Warsito

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