Friday, 18 December 2015

Work 12 Hours a Day, Sick Nurses and could jeopardize Vulnerable Patient

Working hours are considered too old nurse turned out to save a lot of hazards. In addition to the risk of ill health, a nurse working for too long can also be dangerous for patients because it is too tired. Jane Smith, a representative from Unison nurses, trade union organizations in the UK, said that there are still hospitals that impose a nurse like slaves. Why, one shift at the hospital has a duration of 12 hours. \”Working for 12 hours would make nursing very tired. In addition to having a bad effect on health nurse, they will easily lose

concentration and may cause danger fatal for the patient,\” said Smith, quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (20/4 / 2015). Smith reported that there are hospitals that enforce hours of work \’slave\’ to the nurse. Nurses are required to work 12 hours with reasons of economy and effectiveness of the work. And as already known, 8-hour work limit on the work to be effective. Smith statement was never proven by a study conducted by the University of Southampton. This study looked at the relationship between accidents due to the fault of nurses, the working hours of nurses and patient satisfaction.

A total of 31 267 nurses from 488 hospitals into the study participants. Half the people working less or equal to 8 hours. The rest work for 12 hours a day or often gets soft. As a result, nurses who work 12 hours reported are often not completed its work, a lot more gets complaints from patients and several times left the job without cause. They all too often result in fatigue and concentration menurnnya.

Work 12 Hours a Day, Sick Nurses and could jeopardize Vulnerable Patient

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