Saturday, 2 January 2016

Babies Born Premature, muscles Can Be Weak Until Today

The study by researchers in Finland found that children who were once born prematurely may have weaker muscles than children who were born normal. But the difference does not mean a child born prematurely problematic. With muscle conditions such study only concluded that the first child born prematurely can be considered less fit. With this information the expected long-term problems that might arise as motor disorders, vision, hearing, and cognitive can be quickly identified. Similarly, as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (01/02/2016). Tests conducted on 738 people with an average age of 23 years showed they were first born prematurely

push-up score one point lower than those who were born normal. This means that when the male participants who were born normal they can push-ups 14 times for 40 seconds, then the participants of the group were born prematurely on average only capable of push-ups 13 times in the same time. One of the researchers Dr Marjaana Tikanmaki of the University of Oulu said muscle premature children was weaker but the same thing could not be found on the fitness of cardio in which the role of the heart muscle. Dr Marjaana said in a report in the journal Pediatrics

that the possibility of tests they do is less sensitive to differences in the ability of cardio between groups. Thus Meskid study conducted by the Finnish researchers have successfully demonstrated the importance of maintaining a healthy heart since childhood saw no overall effect on the muscles of children born prematurely. \”These findings further support the efforts to reduce obesity and improve physical fitness since childhood. Although indeed any specific recommendations regarding sports should be determined on an individual basis and only after counseling,\” said another researcher from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ravi Shah commented on the study.

Babies Born Premature, muscles Can Be Weak Until Today

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