Saturday, 2 January 2016

Despite Can not Given, Dementia Patients Still Glad dijenguk

Slowly but surely dementia patients will lose memory because brain cells are slowly dying. The cause is not known as well as the medicine that many people think when dementia is severe then it would be useless to maintain a relationship with the patient. However, Alzheimer\’s Society, said that even though the patient can not remember, but family visits still can stimulate feelings of happiness. Even with the more severe the patient\’s condition can retain the ability to emotional memory. This means that patients can still feel happy, sad, or upset. Alzheimer\’s Society conducted a survey on 300 people with

dementia and more than half said they had rarely or never engage in social activities. Approximately 64% admitted that he felt isolated. \”Spending time with loved ones and engage in meaningful activities that can give a strong positive impact. Even if they ultimately can not remember the event itself,\” said Chief Executive Alzheimer\’s Society Jeremy Hughes was quoted as saying by the BBC on Saturday (2/1 / 2016). Surveys conducted separately on 4,000 members of the public showed 68 percent of people actually wanted to visit relatives who have dementia and not recognize them anymore. However, because of the daily

grind just a little in the end to go visit.

Despite Can not Given, Dementia Patients Still Glad dijenguk

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