Wednesday, 9 December 2015

2 The Most Natural Ways to Help Relieve Migraine Suggested

2 The Most Natural Ways to Help Relieve Migraine Suggested When the migraine attack, taking medicine can be decision taken many people to get rid of one type of headache it. However, that does not mean there is no other natural ways that can be done to help relieve migraine know. As the narrative Rhadian Dr Muhammad Arief, SpBS of Medistra, there are two natural ways that can be done to relieve migraine that rest and exercise. The man who is familiarly called Dr. Andra was suggested, when the migraine attack then immediately sleep if possible. \”Sleeping in principle to keep a person from activities that could lead to pressure

or be a stressor for him. In bed, we decrease the work of the heart, blood circulation, and also the body\’s metabolism,\” said Dr. Andra when talking with detikHealth, Tuesday (8/12 / 2015). How long is the recommended time to sleep? According to Dr. Andra there are no standards, depending on the habits and needs of each person. In essence, with a sleeping person can avoid the activities or anything that raises the pressure for him. With sleep too, will be a process of relaxation so that the work of the heart and blood flow more slowly. In addition to

sleep, exercise is also recommended to relieve migraine. Dr. Andra says exercise can lead to heart and blood vessels work better so that blood flow is more balanced. When you exercise, your body will release the hormone adrenaline, called Dr. Andra is the most effective substance to make the body refreshed. \”Just really hinders, while migraine people so lazy yes exercise. It\’s a headache really told to exercise. But if people knew the benefits, exercise is also effective to relieve migraines. Do not make it too heavy exercise, can aerobics, swimming, or walking alone , \”said Dr. Andra. Special walk,

said Dr. Andra can be easily performed by office workers who develop migraines when they work. In addition to exercise, just walking can make a person avoid the atmosphere or activities that become stressors for him, even if only for a moment.

2 The Most Natural Ways to Help Relieve Migraine Suggested

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