Monday, 7 December 2015

Call studies Mean For Other People Feel Good For Health Impact

Often a person feels he did not mean in this world. In fact, on the contrary, the person feels his life meaningful for others and have a purpose in life, his health condition is called can be better and longevity. Researchers at Mt. Sinai St. Luke\’s-Roosevelt Hospital, New York City, said someone who has a purpose in life and felt he was meant for someone else to have better heart health. Although it was not clear how the relationship between the two, but researchers emphasize the cultivation of the sense of self in someone can help improve the health status

meraka. To determine the relationship of purpose and meaning of life of a person, researchers analyzed ten previous studies on the 136,000 people of the United States and Japan with an average age of 67 years. During observed about seven years, more than 14,500 volunteers died. Deaths due to various things and about 4,000 cases due to heart attack, stroke, or heart-related conditions. \”But, we found that people who reported they had a clear purpose in life and felt meaningful to others, have a risk of 20 percent less likely to die during the study period,\” said one researcher, Alan

Rozanski as reported by HealthDay and quoted from Newsmaxhealth, Monday (12/07/2015). Moreover, those who say his life also means a lower risk of heart-related problems. Rozanski stressed that the study did not prove a causal relationship between the sense of meaning in life with a longer life time. Thus, although further research is needed, but at least this study can help a person to protect his body from the response to stress, in other words promoting a healthy lifestyle. \”From our records, have a purpose in life is strong and felt himself means already suspected as an important dimension in

life. Thus, people can feel they have the strength, motivation and resilience. But the medical implications of a sense of meaning in life was recently attracted the attention of researchers, \”said Rozanski. Rozanski continued, the findings were very important because it can open up new interventions to help a person improve the health status and well-being. The study is published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine.

Call studies Mean For Other People Feel Good For Health Impact

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