Monday, 7 December 2015

Wah! There Voucher Pedicure For Women who Want Health Screening

In order to encourage the participation of the community, especially women, to a variety of health screening tests, a clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, has a way that is quite unique. They give vouchers for free foot care (pedicure) to anyone who wants to be tested. The type of screening done in Penda Medical Center is antenatal screening such as the Pap smear test to determine the risk of cervical cancer or ultrasound to detect pregnancy a mother\’s health. Stephanie Koczela as the founder Penda Medical Center said a range of health screening campaign in Kenya generally enthusiasts. Therefore, they are

always trying to find ways how to encourage people to pay attention to his health not only when sick. \”We always try as much as possible to improve public health. Then we think \’about what is most noticed by a woman?\’ beauty treatment is the answer, \”said Stephanie the BBC and quoted on Monday (12/07/2015). \”We want to take the drive to become beautiful that already exist and using them encouragement to preventive health care,\” said Stephanie. Schemes that do Penda Medical Center has been running since July 2015 ago and was considered quite successful. The average number of patients

returned to the clinic for a checkup increased since the start of the scheme is widened from 12 percent to 20 percent. \”We started slowly but now many are following the project. This means that patients who returned to check themselves has increased and they also bring friends and family,\” said Agnes Namiba as a responsible scheme free salon.

Wah! There Voucher Pedicure For Women who Want Health Screening

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