Friday, 11 December 2015

Chills rains in Room Air-conditioned, it normal if often Beser?

Being in the air-conditioned room when the weather outside was rain can cause increased urination frequency. Laymen call beser, but the doctors had a somewhat different view on this. \”That such is not beser, but a normal physiological response when the weather is cold,\” said Dr. Maya Setyawati, MKK, SPOK of Occupational Medicine Specialist Association of Indonesia (PERDOKI), in a meeting with the media at the Hotel Le Meredien, Wednesday (3/4/2015 ). Beser in the medical sense, according to Dr. Maya is inconsistency urine. Usually caused by interference with certain nerve, so the ability to control urination is reduced. In

this condition, beser could arise even though the weather was not cold. While in cold weather conditions, the expenditure of body fluids through sweating does not occur. Instead, the body secretes fluids through evaporation on the surface of the skin and through urination. That is why, increased frequency of urination. \”If you do not pee, it must be suspected impaired renal function,\” said Dr. Maya. The important thing to keep in mind, body fluids that come out through urination still have to be replaced. This is where the challenge, because most people are lazy drink during cold weather because lazily

back and forth to the toilet to urinate.

Chills rains in Room Air-conditioned, it normal if often Beser?

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