Friday, 11 December 2015

This explanation MUI Halal and Haram Problem Vaccine Immunization in Indonesia

This explanation MUI Halal and Haram Problem Vaccine Immunization in Indonesia About halal and haram vaccine immunization in Indonesia is still being debated in some circles. Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) said that actually, the manufacture of any product that is in contact with pigs and other illicit goods, the law of course forbidden. Dr Hamdan Rashid, MA, members of the MUI fatwa commission ensure that maintaining health, including immunization obligatory in Islam. The problem is, it must be absolutely certain that the vaccines used in immunization are lawful and do not intersect with illicit substances. \”Halal haram is not seen from the raw material or the One (womb-red) of the vaccine,

but the views from the manufacturing process as well. If in the process of making contact with a substance that is unlawful, then the MUI said it was forbidden,\” said Hamdan, in a meeting with the media development immunization in Indonesia, in the Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FK-UI), Jl Salemba Raya, East Jakarta, Wednesday (04/04/2015). MUI understanding about clean and unclean for drugs and vaccines is a little different from some other Islamic countries. In Saudi Arabia, declared halal vaccines and drugs even in the process of making contact with pig enzymes. The reason, this

enzyme is gone alias no longer found in drug content which will be given to the patient. While in Indonesia, Hamdan explained that although the pig enzymes have been lost and no longer detected in the womb of drugs and vaccines, MUI still categorize these products haram. Prudence is the reason MUI issued the statement. \”Our principle is prudence. Because in the manufacturing process has intersected with pork enzymes, therefore illegitimate,\” said Hamdan again. However, an exception is provided if there are no other drugs and vaccines to treat the disease. Hamdan said that if indeed keadannya like it, change

the law while being kosher. \”What is forbidden in meal Muslims that there are four things, carrion, blood, dogs and pigs and animals slaughtered not to mention the name of Allah. But if there is no other food sources, and the person is in a state of emergency, it takes 4 it allowed, \”he said. \”It also applies to vaccines and drugs. If until now has not found drugs and vaccines are kosher, then for a while drugs and vaccines are considered unclean had to be lawful, to found a new drug that is really halal and passed the test

of LP POM MUI, \”he said. He also advised that the drug producers in Indonesia should not be careless. Just because today some drugs that intersect with swine enzyme declared lawful temporary, research to find a cure is similar but lawful be ignored. \”We were told so that they are not to be ignored. That is still doing research and finding and making drugs and vaccines are actually halal,\” he concluded.

This explanation MUI Halal and Haram Problem Vaccine Immunization in Indonesia

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