Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cough and Flu Symptoms Muscle Pain Calculated Mark Turns Natural Sepsis

Starting from flu symptoms, Mark Sollis (54), an IT manager, must lie in the hospital for three months after being diagnosed with sepsis. Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition in which the body releases chemicals cytokines that cause blood vessels to dilate and cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure. When Mark got sick, the doctor said that he only had the flu three days after complaining of cough, muscle aches and feeling faint. However, instead of getting better after resting at home, Mark conditions weakened and breathless. Finally, a week later, his wife, Diane brought Mark to the hospital

for further examination. \”At first the doctor diagnosed that Mark suffered from pneumonia, but the doctors quickly realized what the problem is actually happening. Finally, Mark was given intensive treatment with antibiotics and fluids,\” said Diane, as quoted by the Daily Mail on Tuesday (01/12/2015). Further tests showed that Mark pneumonia caused by legionella, which is a bacterial infection in the early stages causes flu-like symptoms and lead to sepsis. Dr. Vivek Srivastava of King\’s College Hospital, London, explains that the common symptoms of sepsis include fever, slurred speech, extreme muscle pain, do not discharge urine for 12 hours, shortness

of breath, and spots appear on the skin. \”But it should be noted that not everyone experiences the same symptoms. There are six steps that must be done to patients with symptoms of sepsis is a blood test, giving oxygen and antibiotics, as well as giving fluids intravenously to raise blood pressure and measure the production of urine,\” said Dr. Srivastava. Currently, Mark is reported to have recovered. It is not separated from the role of the medical team and Diane are often invited to speak during his coma. Dr. Ron Daniels, a consultant from the Heart of England NHS

Foundation Trust and CEO of the British charity, Sepsis Trust, menatakan in some cases, sepsis can also be caused by influenza. In addition, sepsis can strike all ages and can be dangerous. Research shows that deaths due to sepsis more than breast cancer, colon and prostate cancers combined each year. \”However, this condition can be treated if detected early. The biggest problem is doctors can not realize it sooner. Because, often early symptoms of sepsis is often misdiagnosed as pneumonia,\” he said.

Cough and Flu Symptoms Muscle Pain Calculated Mark Turns Natural Sepsis

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