Saturday, 12 December 2015

Crazy! Infants in Taiwan Tied in Steering Then Rotated round

Crazy! Infants in Taiwan Tied in Steering Then Rotated round After Squatting horrendous world with the emergence of video on a 17-month baby were forced to run on a treadmill, now circulating another video that shows a baby tied to the steering wheel by the father. This time it happened in Taiwan. In this video looks a baby boy whose chest fastened to the steering wheel with a rope, then twisted around the steering wheel to the right and to the left. Even the father who named Yong Liao did it while laughing and singing. The 39-year-old man was also seen to be in the driving seat, although just seemed

both ankle only. The baby did not cry, but her legs kicking and from his mouth like a gargling sound when twisted around. The mother who is this crazy video recording, then upload it to social networking sites. Unexpectedly, this video spread rapidly to all corners of Taiwan and China have received criticism and condemnation by many parties. Knowing this, the mother named Xia Lung (34) defend themselves. \”I do not understand what is actually criticized many people, yet we\’re on the road. We then were stopped at the gas station,\” he wrote on the social network. Comments this would

provoke more criticism from social media users. As a result, it was interesting post about the little videos, including deleting his comments earlier. When asked about the response to this video, the Taiwanese Committee for the Improvement of Children\’s Rights said they would not take action against the couple. \”We do not see any deliberate acts of violence on children, although I agreed that if both are not an example of good parents,\” said the director, Wang Wei-jun, quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (14/02/2015). Wei Jun of adding such action clearly endanger the little helpless.

Crazy! Infants in Taiwan Tied in Steering Then Rotated round

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