Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dian Sastro: Sports Teach We Then Live Not Everything Enak

Dian Sastro: Sports Teach We Then Live Not Everything Enak For Dian Sastrowardoyo, sport is not just about the physical and health problems. But is also associated with mental state, in which a person venture out of their comfort zone. \”When the sport, 80 percent of the movement made it really bad. For example yoga, it was not awful taste. Or push ups, sit ups, running, not good. Especially if the new first performed,\” said Dian during a visit Media Attack \’Anlene Move Now \’at the AFP office, Jl Warung Jati Barat Raya, South Jakarta, Thursday (12/03/2015). According to Dian, people who regularly exercise is able to push themselves to

piecemeal out of the zone nyamanya. For example, when the sport did not taste good, but there is a push for a little longer finish his sport. \”It was to push. Psychologically exercise teaches us that life not everything is good. With regular exercise, people have a positive mental because it does not give up and he knows that not all good things in this life,\” he continued. Dian tell, the first time he did Burpee waking up, two three movements, eye Dian already dizzy. He also thought about where might be difficult movement was done during exercise. After six

months, the new Dian can do the Burpee smoothly. \”Essentially everything in life is not always easy, and there are hard. It\’s life but keep it to doing it. Each week did, routinely, do not be thinking about going demise of the term, do not have a scene postings so. Perhaps if you want to post the occasional, \”he added. According to Dian, preparation of sport which he did not need to be complicated. Wake up, pajamas, Dian could exercise. In fact, some time ago while filming What\’s With Love (AADC) in Yogya, he took time to exercise even in

his room area for sports is only about 2×2 meters. \”I\’m shooting at 3 am until 2 am. It just can know the sport. Especially friends who work in the office hours, why can not exercise. From now on try when working on the fifth floor, to the bathroom on the bottom floor continued to do use the elevator, \”said Dian. \”I have two children and want longevity could let me accompany them into adulthood, this was possible until they have grandchildren. I am also inspired by my mother. At the age of 53 years, my mother is still active

even him to run a marathon and successfully complete it. Even after any pension, my mother kept a lecturer, \”he explained.

Dian Sastro: Sports Teach We Then Live Not Everything Enak

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