Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Equally Sports, But Better for Brain Jogging than Weightlifting

Equally Sports, But Better for Brain Jogging than Weightlifting The benefits of exercise for cognitive brain function has been demonstrated by several studies. The question arises, what kind of sport that has benefited the most good for the brain? Dr. Dr. Muhammad Irfannuddin, SpKO, MpdKed, MBIOMED, ​​of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sriwijaya explained that in the world of sports medicine, exercise is divided into two types, namely aerobic and anaerobic exercise. \”In the field of sports medicine itself much study comparing aerobic and anaerobic exercise. But especially for the cognitive function of the brain, aerobic exercise such as jogging and brisk walking is better than lifting weights,\”

he said when met after the hearing promotional doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jl Salemba Raya, Central Jakarta, Thursday (05/07/2015). Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that can be done in a long time and requires quite a lot of oxygen. This makes the blood vessels dilate to allow more oxygen supply. Oxygen is needed to maintain neurons in the hippocampus and frontal cortex were associated with memory. So in addition to useful launched circulatory system, this type of exercise is better for cognitive brain function. On the other hand, anaerobic exercise is usually carried

out in a short time and requires great energy. Sports such as weightlifting and sprint a short distance an example. Sports function is usually to increase strength and muscle mass in certain parts of the body. \”So if weights were not excessive because it can trigger oxidative stress. Many free radicals that appear in the body and damaging aspect of waste materials,\” he explained. Even so, it does not mean exercise performed only aerobic alone. Ideally, according to Dr. Irfan, both types of sport is still performed regularly and alternately. \”Kan according to literature ideally 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. It may be interspersed with aerobic today, then the next day anaerobic, or aerobic first, anaerobic and rest,\” he concluded.

Equally Sports, But Better for Brain Jogging than Weightlifting

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