Friday, 4 December 2015

Forced to Hold Urine Also Known Have Positive Effect on the Brain

Forced to Hold Urine Also Known Have Positive Effect on the Brain Help feeling the urge to urinate too often is not good for health effects. However, there are times when someone had to resist the urge to pee. Well, when it happens, there is something positive going on in the brain. Iris Blandon-Gitlin, PhD, associate professor of psychology at California State University, Fullerton, say when you tried to assuage the desire to urinate, then your ability to control yourself better. Iris itself has been doing research on the benefits to the brain when a person in a state of a full bladder. Not only that, he found people who were trying

to restrain curiosity urine, easier to believe even when they tell lies. \”This is related to impulse control. Enterprises resist feeling to urinate activates parts of the brain to resist the urge that appears, do one the urge to urinate. But, as you focus on resisting the urge, then you can ignore the kind of impulse else,\” Iris said as quoted from Men\’s Health on Monday (11/30/2015). Well, according to Irisi, the effect of reducing these impulses can make a person concentrate better. Another study in the Netherlands related activity urination find people who are holding urine had higher scores

when performing a mental health test. Instead of not concentrating, people who are known to hold urine instead tried to focus work on a given test. The goal, they want to divert curiosity urinate when it is an opportunity to urinate there. However, Iris stressed if there are opportunities and conditions allow, certainly better if you get to the toilet when it wants to urinate. Moreover, said Blaine Kristo, MD, urologist at The Urology Specialists at Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, often hold urine in the long term could increase the risk of urinary tract infections. In addition, the custom of

holding urine can cause scar tissue in the bladder wall. \”If you often feel pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, it could be a sign if you\’ve too often hold urine. Thus, it would be better if you get to the toilet when the urge to urinate,\” said Kristo.

Forced to Hold Urine Also Known Have Positive Effect on the Brain

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