Friday, 18 December 2015

Good news! Call studies Broccoli Extract Can Help Prevent Cancer

Good news! Call studies Broccoli Extract Can Help Prevent Cancer Broccoli is known as green vegetables are rich in benefits. In addition it contains a lot of fiber, it also contains extracts of broccoli that help prevent cancer in the mouth, throat and head. Research conducted by Dr. Julie Bauman of the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences say the broccoli extract could be an alternative cancer prevention. Currently it is being promoted research about vegetables as a cancer preventive, or commonly known as green chemoprevention. \”Those who have cancer, particularly cancers of the head and neck is very high risk of developing cancer of the mouth and

throat, usually, these two cancers are severe consequences,\” said Dr. Bauman, quoted from the Medical Daily, Monday (20/04/2015). Vegetables from the cabbage group chosen as experimental material. Why, class cabbage, especially broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower have a high content of sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is the content of which is believed to reduce the adverse effects of carcinogens or cancer-triggering substances. The first experiments were performed to the rats showed positive results. Furthermore, Dr. Bauman and his team conducted tests to 10 human participants. Broccoli extract containing sulforaphane mixed with fruit juice, and given to the participants. The second experiment was again

showing positive results. Sulforaphane mixed fruit juice turned out to be absorbed well by the body. The research was now reaching the final stages, namely sulforaphane processed into capsules and is given to patients with cancer of the mouth, throat and head. Dr. Bauman said that if the results of the latest research promising, the prevention of cancer will have a new breakthrough. Why, these drugs will be cheaper because the manufacturing is simple and can be reached by all countries in the world. \”Green chemoprevention is very simple, we only use plant extracts and its function is more for

prevention. Our experience proves that this method is cheaper and can be reached by all circles,\” he said.

Good news! Call studies Broccoli Extract Can Help Prevent Cancer

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