Friday, 18 December 2015

Study: Potential Maple Syrup Extract Against Antibiotic Resistance

Study: Potential Maple Syrup Extract Against Antibiotic Resistance In addition to the maple tree can be used as a tool furniture, it turns maple fruit can be useful for health. Therefore, the fruit can be used as a maple syrup that contains quebecol and useful to prevent some diseases among them cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer\’s and other diseases caused;thememode=mobile; by bacteria. According to a new study at McGill University in Canada when the already concentrated maple, maple syrup extract can weaken harmful bacteria and reduce bacterial resistance to antibiotics, as expressed by Professor Nathalie Tufenkji, a researcher at McGill University, quoted by the NY Daily News, Monday (20/4 /

2015) The main ingredient in maple extract is phenol, a compound rich in acid that is an essential component that can protect plants from insect attack. Maple syrup commonly consumed is made from the sap of maple trees ,. Maple syrup is believed to be capable of killing pathogens natural compounds. For this study, researchers used a maple syrup that is sold in local stores in Montreal, North America. In the study, the extract syrup tested using well-known bacterium that is deadly E. coli and Proteus Mirabailis. Both of these bacteria are a common cause behind a urinary tract infection.

According to research published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the maple syrup extract is effective in combating the bacteria itself. The effect is to destroy almost the entire collection of cells of microorganisms or microbial especially bacteria attached to a surface and commonly called biofilm. Biofilms arise because of the stubborn infection as occurs in the urinary tract. \”We have to perform in vivo testing and clinical trials before we can say what the effect on humans. Although simple, these findings show the approach is quite effective against bacterial resistance. Therefore, extract maple syrup affects bacterial genes associated

with resistance and virulence,\” said Prof. Nathalie. Previous research conducted Professor Tufenkji studying potential cranberry extracts can fight bacteria. Currently, Prof. Tufenkji and his team examined how the use of plant extracts to fight infection and disease. Hopefully, in the near future can be created antibiotic capsules containing extracts of maple syrup for the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences.

Study: Potential Maple Syrup Extract Against Antibiotic Resistance

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