Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Grief at the End of 2015, Dark Side of Struggle The Midwife in Inland

Grief at the End of 2015, Dark Side of Struggle The Midwife in Inland Throughout the month of November 2015, at least 2 midwives died and one injured while performing their duties in the interior. Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) expressed deep sorrow. Beginning with the death of Anik Setya Beautiful, a midwife in the village Darit, District Manyuke, Porcupine, West Kalimantan. Before he died on November 20, Anik midwife was helping two mothers giving birth. In the 8 months pregnant, midwife Anik still went patients with motorcycles. Two patient and her baby survived, but unfortunately Midwives Anik experienced severe pain and bleeding. He experienced placental abruption or detachment of the placenta from the uterine

wall. RS Pontianak is a 4-5 hour drive, and finally Midwives Anik not saved. The next tragedy befell Dwi Endah Prihatiningsih, a midwife PTT (Employees Variable) in Papua. Endah midwife died in the accident while referring patients to Capital District Bofuwer using long boat. Dark conditions at night lead to a collision with a long boat belonging to the community. Endah midwife found floating, and died when evacuated to Kaimana within 120 km. Counterpart, Midwives Mahyaya warin now being treated for a broken leg. In addition to delivering tremendous grief, IBI emphasized the lack of government attention to the midwifery

profession and society. The lack of facilities in rural and poor referral system has killed the \’health heroes\’. \”Death midwife Anik is one of the cases that can be prevented, but because of inadequate facilities the life of a midwife Anik can not be helped. And access to the very poor in the referral system, which ultimately harm the midwife Dwi Endah and Mahyaya warin,\” wrote IBI in a release , was quoted as saying on Tuesday (12/01/2015). Congratulations way of the \’heroes\’ health, devotion will always be remembered.

Grief at the End of 2015, Dark Side of Struggle The Midwife in Inland

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