Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Harvard researcher: Doctor Could Be More Depression of Patients

Harvard researcher: Doctor Could Be More Depression of Patients When someone is sick, be it physical or mental illness, doctors often can provide a solution. But doctors also can experience the same thing, perhaps even worse. Recently, researchers from Harvard University reveal surprising facts related to the health condition of medical personnel, especially doctors. It turned out that 29 http://www.dual-bigrun.com/redirect.php?action=url&goto=www.ruangtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-jangkrik-menghasilkan/ percent of doctors are known to suffer from depression or showed symptoms of this mental disorder. Symptoms of depression, the average appear on resident doctors, or doctors who have just graduated and started to carry out its work in a hospital or other health facility. This fact was revealed after

a team of researchers led by Dr Douglas Mata from Harvard University conducted a meta-analysis of 54 studies that raised about the tendency of depression or other mental disorders in medical residents over 50 years (1963-2015). In total there are more than 17,000 resident doctors from all over the world who are involved in these studies, although depressive symptoms measured by the report is merely personal, not medical diagnosis. And it turns out that the prevalence of depression in doctors reached 29 percent. Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has noted, in general, only 8 percent of adults

in the US who show symptoms of depression (2013). This means that doctors who are depressed are four times more likely than the general public. As quoted by Time, Tuesday (15/12/2015), even when Mata and his team try to observe the differences in the doctor\’s mental condition after one year of residency, surprisingly found that an increase in depressive symptoms reached 15 percent. Unfortunately, the researchers did not submit the exact cause of the symptoms of depression. \”For doctors who are training like this, symptoms of depression such as this is almost always the case. You can not get anything,

and could not leave the hospital, even just to attend the wedding or to the grocery store,\” said Mata, who is also a pathology resident physician at Brigham & Women\’s Hospital. New York Times once wrote that residency is the most difficult times for a doctor. The reasons for such long hours, lack of sleep, stress and social isolation, including bullying from senior doctors. Even an organization called Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education noted resident doctors in America have duration of 80 hours per week. The harsh reality also appears from the results of another study that says 400

doctors died of suicide in the United States each year. Doctors http://www.elinahealthandbeauty.com/forum/go.php?http://www.ruangtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-jangkrik-menghasilkan/ also includes one of four professions most at risk triggering suicides, in addition to law enforcement, farmers and mechanics, especially when they have easy access to lethal drugs take effect.

Harvard researcher: Doctor Could Be More Depression of Patients

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