Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ollie Trezise, Baby Born with a nose like Pinocchio

Ollie Trezise appearance so different from other children often produce strange stares onlookers. In fact, some people say the boy was ugly and should not be born because of a nose that is so prominent as Disney characters, Pinocchio. The negative attitude of people in Ollie would make her mother, http://www.dinogaia.com/go.php3?url=//www.ruangtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-jangkrik-menghasilkan/ Amy Poole (22), sad. After all who wants to be born with such conditions? Everyone is born with the perfection of hope and normalcy. For Amy, better ask him directly what makes a nose like Pinocchio Ollie rather than give strange looks and harassed. Amy herself was proud and accept

the presence of Ollie is. As a mother, she can only continue to give support to a child who is now 21 months old in order to grow as a highly confident. Ollie irregularities in the nose already been known since her pregnancy was 20 weeks. From the scan, the doctor told me that there was no soft tissue that grow in the face of the fetus. When the baby was born, Amy still surprisingly made. \”When they give you Ollie on me, I was shocked and could hardly speak,\” said Amy remembers when she first saw her baby. At

that time she gave birth at Cardiff University Hospital in February 2014. According to Amy, Ollie newborn looked very small bump on the nose the size of a golf ball. MRI scan done subsequently showed that the lump was encephalocele due to disruption of neural tube closure. Along with the body of Ollie, a lump in the nose also grew. Similarly, some media reported in the UK such as the Daily Mail and Mirror, quoting from HotSpot Media, Thursday (12/05/2015). So that breathing is not disturbed Ollie, we need to do surgery to open the nasal cavity. Initially Amy was

so worried when his son was still so small that major surgery. But if not surgery, according to doctors explanation, will make Ollie risk of getting infections and can even be affected by meningitis. Finally, in November 2014 Ollie underwent successful surgery which was held for two hours at Birmingham Children\’s Hospital. In operation, the doctor opened Ollie skull to remove the bag containing the excess brain fluid and improve the condition of his nose. The operation left a big scar on the head Ollie. \”He must be in pain but he continued to smile and laugh,\” said Amy. Ollie

is now better conditions. But later on, Ollie require further surgery. Currently, doctors are awaiting developments Ollie skull. \”Case Ollie really very rare. I find maybe only one year,\” said Martin Evans of Birmingham Children\’s Hospital. Currently conducted Ollie is undergoing regular check-ups. The mother hopes her condition will improve. \”Ollie will probably never look like other children and I am afraid he will be bullied at school,\” said Amy expressed concern. But Ami aware that there is nothing wrong if a person is born different. Moreover, http://www.diwaxx.ru/soft/redir.php?redir=http://www.ruangtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-jangkrik-menghasilkan/ Ollie is a child who is funny, smart and unique. \”She is my

little Pinocchio special. I will never stop loving her,\” said Amy.

Ollie Trezise, Baby Born with a nose like Pinocchio

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