Sunday, 13 December 2015

Horror! Obesity in Women Aligned with terror threat

Horror! Obesity in Women Aligned with terror threat Obesity is a threat to health, many deadly diseases stems from the condition. But in women, obesity giving greater threat until judged worthy to be aligned with the threat of terror. This was revealed in the annual report for the British government, which was delivered by a senior health adviser Prof Dame Sally C Davies. In the report, Prof Davies calls obesity in women should be classified as a threat to the country as well as terrorism, natural disasters, pandemic influenza. By 2015, the British government incorporate terror attacks, droughts, heat waves, storms and the flu pandemic in the list

of risks that need to be wary of. According to Professor Davies, obesity in women is also a concern because it affects the health of a pregnancy and even future generations. \”This is a message that is difficult to say, because it could burden the woman with a sense of guilt and responsibility. But I believe it will also empower women to take positive steps such as eating healthier and doing more exercise. It is never too late to do something for the sake of haya healthier life, for you and your family, \”said Prof Davies, quoted from In

the UK, about 25 per cent of the population are obese which is characterized by body mass index 18.5 to 34.9 kg / m2. Across Europe, the National Obesity Forum estimates that 70 percent of the population will be obese by 2025. \”Addressing obesity in the general population is a public health priority that has been received. However, I encourage the recognition of obesity on the national risk level,\” Prof Davies writes in the introduction to his report, quoted from, Sunday (13/12/2015).

Horror! Obesity in Women Aligned with terror threat

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