Sunday, 13 December 2015

Note These Things If You Want Supports Growth

Note These Things If You Want Supports Growth Having a child grow and develop optimally would be a desire for parents. Often to meet these expectations, all sorts of nutrients and foods that support the growth of the child to be an option for parents. Keep in mind, there is a difference between growth and development. Growth is the phase where the increase in the body\’s cells, while development is a maturation phase of organ function. Nutrition alone is not enough to support the development of the child. To support the growth, nutrition is needed, but there are some developments to the development of the children who should

not be forgotten and should continue to be monitored by parents. \”Progress should be monitored in children include motor development, communication and stimulation. Three points is what must be considered by parents to help optimize the growth and development of the baby,\” said Dr. Trisna Desmiati, SpKFR, Kes, in a talk show \’How To Optimize Your Child\’s Growth & Development In The Golden Age \’, held at the Lobby RSIA Kemang Medical Center, Kemang, South Jakarta, as written on Sunday (12/13/2015). According to Dr. Trisna, motor development includes three stages, gross motor, fine motor and oromotor. Gross motor development in

this regard is rolling over, sitting and walking. For the development of fine motor skills of a child is to mengenggam, releasing and manipulating objects. \”Of course, fine motor development is done by a child with the intention of, for example, he saw the object, then held by him and then released. That means the child is kepengen know what it is, and the process of releasing it included in the development of fine motor skills. As for the development of oromotor that occur from the mouth , for example, eating, swallowing, voice production and speech, \”said Dr. Trisna. In

addition to motor development, the development of which is not less important is communication. These include the development of interactive communication receive and impart information that is the basis for social development of the child\’s emotional and cognition. The process of development of communication is indeed a complex process because it involves the senses of visual, auditory, gustatori, olfactory and tactile. If one senses do not function well, of course, the development of communication will have difficulties or obstacles. In addition, the pattern of development of children should also be considered by parents. Usually children can only be run at

the age of 9 months and a half or 13 months. Therefore, as it is also presented by Dr. Alinda Rubiati Wibowo, SpA (K) in the same occasion, the role of parents is very influential to achieve optimal child development.

Note These Things If You Want Supports Growth

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