Friday, 4 December 2015

It Happens When the Brain Lack of Oxygen

Oxygen is essential for life. Because oxygen was living creature on with his life. So what happens when the brain is deprived of oxygen? Spoken neurosurgery expert from Medistra, Dr. M Radhian Arief, SpBS, when the brain is deprived of oxygen it happens cerebral hypoxia. People who are prone to this condition include pasiem stroke. Ie if there is a blockage in the brain\’s blood vessels so that blood flow and oxygen can not be delivered to the brain. \”Brain tissue is a tissue that can be called spoiled by the need for oxygen. The brain is in desperate need

of oxygen in considerable amounts,\” explained the man who familiarly called Dr. Andra is in conversation with detikHealth and written on Monday (11/30/2015). Besides occur in acute or sudden, a doctor who also practices in this Dharmais Hospital said cerebral hypoxia could also happen slowly. For example on the circumstances in which a person does not get adequate oxygen from breathing air, or on the state of the respiratory system disorders, in which the oxygen uptake from the air is not optimal. \”Cerebral hypoxia can lead to death, because cerebral hypoxia can result in the death of brain cells, and

in severe cases will cause death in vital areas of the brain, causing death,\” said Dr. Andra. He explains the severe lack of oxygen will also make brain swelling. The result will depress the stem of the brain that result in death. Short-term effects of cerebral hypoxia include compensation effects of other organs are trying to restore the adequacy of oxygen in the brain. Dr. Andra exemplifies the increased respiratory rate, heart rate increases rapidly, the body feels weak because the levels of oxygen to other body parts is reduced to insufficient supply to the brain. If this can not

be addressed, it could lead to the death of brain tissue. Besides it can malfunction or paralysis of function in accordance with the location of dead brain function. \”Lack of oxygen to the brain can lead to malfunctioning of any of the body according to the death of brain function,\” explains Dr. Andra. \”Cognitive function and memory function are controlled by neural circuits in the brain are complex. Disturbances in one circuit alone would cause disruption on cognitive function or memory,\” he added.

It Happens When the Brain Lack of Oxygen

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