Saturday, 12 December 2015

Limit Violence, Football Club in Brazil Recruit Mothers as Security

Limit Violence, Football Club in Brazil Recruit Mothers as Security In the sports game, sportsmanship absolute worth for each player. But there are times when a quarrel between players, the player with the referee and the fans antarklub could happen, if the match is considered not run as desired. Interestingly, a football club in Brazil recruited women from fans or supporters to be security. The goal is not to prevent the fans or fans that are not fighting each other. Club called Sport Club Do Recife claimed to have trained around 30 mothers to secure derby or top club matches in one city against Nautico on Sunday (8/2) then. Training

provided was equal to that of the official security forces. Even the costumes of these mothers also had them prepared specially. They wore vests with striking colors and labeled \’Seguranca Mae\’ (Security Moms). No less interesting, they are not only placed in almost every corner of the field, but their presence also highlighted and displayed on a large screen in the stadium before and during the derby takes place. So the fans know their whereabouts. The club then why bother to form a security team consisting of mothers? \”This idea arose because we want the fanatical supporters of each club

to bring peace in the stadium during the match, with not conflict with each other,\” said Aricio Fortes, representatives of the PR firm that initiated this policy. Moreover derby between Sport Club Do Recife and Nautico is one of the largest in Recife, and Fortes will not be chaos again just as they had done before. \”At least they will not want to fight in front of mothers, let alone his own mother,\” said Fortes was quoted as saying by Reuters on Friday (02/13/2015). And these efforts yielded positive results. Sport Club Do Recife won the match by a score

of 1-0 over Nautico, and no mess like that for this to happen. Moreover Recife known as warehouse clubs scorer of Brazil\’s best players, and there antarsuporter violence has become endemic alias endemic within the last few years.

Limit Violence, Football Club in Brazil Recruit Mothers as Security

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