Saturday, 12 December 2015

Screening and Hepatitis B Vaccine, One Way to Prevent Liver Cancer

Screening and Hepatitis B Vaccine, One Way to Prevent Liver Cancer When it reaches the advanced stage, the life expectancy of patients with liver cancer is fairly small. However, it does not mean liver cancer can not be prevented, you know. One way to do that is by early detection of hepatitis B. Moreover, given in Indonesia mostly liver cancer caused by hepatitis B. Although, there are also other causes such as hepatitis C and fatty liver, though rarely. This was revealed by Dr. Superior Budihusodo, SpPD-KGEH. \”Most hepatitis B does not cause complaints ultimately not addressed. So, when the virus was discovered in the liver tissue damage. Although, keep in

mind it took a long time when hepatitis B and liver cancer, approximately 20-30 years old. After a dozen to twenty years, may occur with liver cirrhosis, which is one of the complications is primary liver cancer. \” said Dr. Unggul when contacted detikHealth, Saturday (14/02/2015). \”At this point even the majority of patients can still do not have any complaints. If no complaints are often not typical and light. As a result, patients are not aware of this serious disease in his body,\” said Dr. Unggul. Liver cancer could not chemo or diradioterapi. However, based on statistics, with a

targeted therapy, Dr. Unggul said patient\’s life expectancy could be extended up to 50%, from approximately 7 months to 12 months. Currently entered an advanced stage of liver cancer, the cancer cells have spread so it is no longer possible liver transplant. Therefore, Dr. Unggul stressed the importance of early detection of hepatitis B. Medical check-ups regularly, eg once a year for the \’healthy people\’ said Dr. Unggul is a useful action, among others, for the early detection, before going on to cirrhosis or liver cancer. \”All those who have not been vaccinated at risk for hepatitis B. For those

who showed HBsAg and anti-HBs negative, it is recommended to be vaccinated as a precautionary measure HBV infection. If you\’ve been vaccinated need to be checked again after whether the existing Anti-HBs her,\” said Dr. Superior. If it has been vaccinated and has formed antibodies, the screening is not necessary anymore. Diligent check-up is strongly recommended, especially for those who have a family with a history of hepatitis B. In some people, there already have anti-HBs without it vaccinated. This can occur when the respective been infected by hepatitis B and naturally her body capable of making anti-HBs. In people

like this, according to Dr. Unggul not need to be vaccinated again because his body was immune.

Screening and Hepatitis B Vaccine, One Way to Prevent Liver Cancer

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