Friday, 18 December 2015

Not only that stature Fat, Thin Also at Risk for Heart Attack

Not only that stature Fat, Thin Also at Risk for Heart Attack Many people think if they have a thin body will be spared from a heart attack. In fact, skinny people can have a heart attack. This is due to unhealthy lifestyle. \”Obesity was one of the causes of heart attacks, so it was not the main cause. A week ago, there are patients who have a heart attack when he was a hard worker and very thin-bodied but he has a pattern of unhealthy lifestyles such as active smokers and consume meals that abstinence, \”said Dr. Adil C. Raja Siregar, MM, SpJP, from Bethsaida RS, RS Bethsaida in a talk

show in the Auditorium RS Bethsaida, Gading Serpong, South Tangerang, on Thursday (17/12/2015). Therefore, according to Dr. King, transform into a healthier lifestyle will be protected from heart disease. \”There are 5 ways to make lifestyle changes in order to avoid jantuk coronary disease that is balanced nutrition, get rid of cigarettes, avoid or set of stress, blood pressure watch, and regular exercise. If shortened to HEALTHY,\” he advised. No significant symptoms when a person affected by this disease. Therefore, it needs regular inspections to determine the condition of the heart. The way is to examine calcium scoring. \”Examination of

calcium scoring is very useful for screening to detect blockage in the coronary arteries of the heart. That is because the calcium scoring inspection directly into the coronary anatomy,\” said Dr. King. Results from calcium scoring pemerisaan very bermanfat for screening in order to determine blockage of the coronary arteries. The way it is also much cheaper than a CT scan and the result is a faster exit is only about 30 minutes. Heart disease is caused by various factors such as smoking, cholesterol, gout, obesity, and the environment. It is also the age, gender and genetic factors may also

be a person having a heart attack. \”If the factors that have been given by God yes already live alone. However, start reducing food coconut milk, quit smoking or not eating foods that abstain so as not to have a heart attack. In this way, we can reduce the risk of heart disease,\” said Dr. King ,

Not only that stature Fat, Thin Also at Risk for Heart Attack

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