Friday, 18 December 2015

Tabu opponent, Animation Bra So Means Education for Young Women

Indonesia masrayakat lack of understanding of the symptoms and the risk of breast cancer, many patients make a late check-up. And if dealt with quickly, the patient\’s life expectancy is high at around 98 percent. Factors taboo to discuss breast health called expert is one reason why more than 70 percent of patients come when the already advanced stage. The Center for Health Promotion, Ministry of Health, Dr. Eni Gustina, MPH, said young girls especially are still uncomfortable having to fingering her own breasts to check for cancer. \”Do not be afraid we teach children who are still in high

school it was already starting to grow (breast ed) to perform BSE (check your own breasts). Because of that young can also be hit,\” said Dr. Eni in the discussion forum on Artotel breast cancer, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday (12/18/2015). For the taboo against the Ministry of Health using simple animated film as a means of socialization. Video \’Rumpian brassiere\’ introduced by Roche explained how the bra talk about the facts of breast cancer. Three mascot named Mami bra brassiere, Jubeha, and Isabeha in the video with a simple and interesting way to teach how to perform BSE correctly. \”It

looks more familiar and frankly I distribute to the children of friends. Send to provinces through WA, Line, Facebook. Thank God until now has not protested this form of pornography as interesting,\” concludes Dr. Eni. Video can be accessed at:

Tabu opponent, Animation Bra So Means Education for Young Women

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