Saturday, 12 December 2015

Not Profanity, Wear Yoga Pants in Public Places Proposed US $ 64 Million Fine

Public tranquility feel threatened by the many cases of sexual harassment, politician David Moore origin of Montana, the United States intervened. Not patrolling like Satpol PP or the police, politicians have proposed revisions to the legislation indecent clothing. David felt that the clothes do not senonohlah is causing increasing numbers of sexual harassment. He also proposed revisions to incorporate yoga pants and swimming trunks in a category indecent clothing. \”All the tight clothes that show the shape of the buttocks, genitals, nipples hips until I feel should be banned. This includes yoga pants and men\’s swimming trunks,\” said David, quoted

from various sources, on Friday (02/13/2015). Surely this prohibition does not forbid the use of yoga pants or swimming trunks at home or the usual places. David said the ban was only carried out in public places such as parks, highways and beaches. This revision was put David into the House of Bill with the number 365. Violation of this rule will be fined up to Rp 64 million or imprisonment for five years. Montana public reacted on Moore\’s plan. They deny the existence of this rule as yoga pants is not indecent clothing. Finally, the Montana city legislature decided

to annul the planned revision of the law that made Moore. They agreed with the opinion of the public who said that the high rate of sexual abuse is not solely because women often use yoga pants in public places.

Not Profanity, Wear Yoga Pants in Public Places Proposed US $ 64 Million Fine

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