Saturday, 12 December 2015

Study: Got a Friend in Social Networking Can Reduce Sense of Loneliness

Now many people seem more individualistic as \’isolated\’ from the environment because the majority are busy with friends in the social network. They are also less interested in social activities. However, people who have many friends in social networks tend to be less lonely. Previously reported, American adults tend to feel lonely because when the connection with social media is lost then the resulting sense of disappointment and quiet. In the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that teenagers who are bored with social media tend not to feel lonely because it interacts with small groups. In the study

mentioned, although now teenagers tend to have fewer friends, they feel more secure in a relationship, and tend not to want to form a new group or bigger. It was because of the proximity of the environment is not as strong interpesonal past adolescence. \”Modernization has changed the way people interact with one another, may also cause people more comfortable when interacting in small groups or fewer. Young people can actually grow better socially because of technology, but quite the contrary,\” said chairman penelit, David Clark quoted by the Huffington Post, Friday (13/02/2015). He added that now some people are

less dependent on the family, lack of interest in social movements, and need some encouragement to be active in the social environment. \”Over time, people tend to be more individualistic, more open, and more have high self-esteem,\” said David. Scientists coming from Griffith University and the University of Queensland have found a cultural shift. For example, urbanization, someone\’s ambition to achieve success, freedom arising from greater income and parenting parents are less stressed discipline. In conclusion, scientists discovered today adolescents are more individualistic than past adolescence. The individual properties reduce loneliness and reduce the need for interaction with the wider

community. \”The nature of this increased individual causes them to feel less interested in having many friends, they feel more independent, have higher self-esteem, so that loneliness is reduced,\” concluded David.

Study: Got a Friend in Social Networking Can Reduce Sense of Loneliness

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