Friday, 11 December 2015

Not Want Immunization Children, Parents Hundreds Arrested in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that still have endemic polio. The number of cases of polio in this country did not even show a downward trend in each year. To overcome this, the government finally take the extreme. Recently, the Pakistani government began enforcing a policy of arrest against any parents who refuse or do not let their children get polio vaccine. This policy has been in force in one city in Pakistan, Peshawar. There, the local government has detained 471 parents who forbid their children to get polio vaccines, with charges of \’endangering public

security\’. The government also insisted only release these prisoners when they have made a promise in writing to let their children be vaccinated. The Pakistani government claimed was forced to implement policies because they want to fight polio. \”We decided to overcome the rejection of these parents with authoritarian. Anyone who refused to be sent to prison,\” said Riaz Khan Mehsud, the deputy mayor of Peshawar, as quoted by the BBC, Wednesday (03/04/2015). How not, the government felt aggrieved with the amount of community resistance to polio eradication efforts in their country. This is because the majority of Pakistanis consider

polio vaccination campaign is one of the penetration of the West to spay children in Pakistan and the spread of HIV, something that has been implanted extremist Taliban since many years ago. Lucky in 2013, the Taliban finally announced its support for this vaccine campaign. However attacks on health workers, including a bomb threat still haunts them. That is why every health worker who will provide vaccines or campaign must be accompanied by the police or military armed with a long barrel. But the result of this resistance, the number of polio cases in Pakistan in 2014 reached 306 cases,

the highest in over 14 years. In 2015, there had been no new cases 9. To the extent that the WHO issued a recommendation to all the traveler from Pakistan that polio vaccination in advance at the airport before being allowed out of their country.

Not Want Immunization Children, Parents Hundreds Arrested in Pakistan

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