Friday, 11 December 2015

MUI: New There are 3 Halal Vaccines in Indonesia

MUI: New There are 3 Halal Vaccines in Indonesia Controversy about halal and haram vaccine is still going on in Indonesia. Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) itself ensures that this time, there are only three vaccines that have halal certification from MUI. Two of the three vaccines is Meningococcal meningitis vaccine Menveo Novartis and Tianyuan Mevac artificial ACYW135. While the rest is for toddlers with diarrhea vaccine Rotarix brand manufactured GSK drugs. MUI fatwa commission members, Dr Hamdan Rashid, MA, ensuring that only three vaccines that have a kosher label. While other vaccines in Indonesia does not have the certificate. \”Yes it\’s only three,\” he said when met detikHealth after

a brief meeting with the media about the development of immunization in Indonesia, in the Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Jl Salemba Raya, East Jakarta, Wednesday (04/04/2015). Hamdan said that in accordance with Law 23 of 2014 nomoe on Halal Product Guarantee, all food products, beverages, medicines, clothes and others associated with the public must have a halal certificate. Therefore it is fitting entire drug manufacturers to register their products to be researched halal and haram by LP-POM. Thus, at least vaccines have not caused MUI halal certificate would not give such a certificate, but drug

manufacturers are not or delay the registration of the product to be studied more deeply by the MUI. \”Yeah right we wait. If the manufacturer is not listed of course we can not suddenly give him a kosher certificate. Due to be examined more deeply by-LP POM MUI,\” he said. The process was not long, only takes approximately one month. He therefore suggested that the drug manufacturers to immediately register their drug-LP POM MUI. \”In accordance with Law 33 of 2014 on halal product assurance earlier, should indeed all drugs certified kosher. If the certificate is not no later people

can feel free and ultimately impede the immunization program itself,\” he said again. The man who is also a lecturer at the Islamic University Jakarta reiterated that Islam obliges immunization as a form of maintaining health and disease prevention. But that must be considered is whether a vaccine for the immunization using illicit substances, or at least never in contact with illicit substances. \”If ever intersect with swine enzyme means unlawful. But if it has not found any other vaccine for the disease, then this means the state of emergency and life-threatening, so it lawful for a while,\” he concluded.

MUI: New There are 3 Halal Vaccines in Indonesia

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