Friday, 4 December 2015

Number of HIV Cases The More, the Ministry of Health: We Lift Iceberg Slowly

Data from the Ministry of Health calls for an increase in the number of HIV and AIDS cases were reported per year. Ministry of Health said that the increase is in line with the increasing number of people who have an HIV test. Communicable Disease Control Director Dr. Sigit Priohutomo, MPH, said the growing number of cases of HIV and AIDS in Indonesia occurred because more and more people who want an HIV test. With so slowly HIV cases are referred to as iceberg phenomenon will be lifted. \”So the more the detected increasingly raised the iceberg, though slowly yes.

The many people who want to do the test and know their status,\” said Dr. Sigit in a media briefing at the Ministry of Health, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (30/11/2015). Ministry of Health data calls in 2005, 859 people were reported to have HIV. In 2008 rose to 10 362 people and increased again in 2010 to 21 591 people. This amount increased again in 2013 to 29 037 people, with 32 711 people in 2014 and by September 2015 was 24 791 people. It said Dr. Prio, this happens because of shifting targets early detection

and screening programs. \”If we test just before the key group wrote, we thought we test HIV positive. Now the test is also performed to the general population, especially to housewives. The housewife became one of a group of people with HIV are high,\” he said again. Findings are expected with the growing number of cases, prevention efforts will also increase. The HIV positive can prevent and provide additional information to the group regarding the transmission of HIV. \”If for example there are MSM (male sex male) who are HIV positive, of course, he will not want to transmit HIV

to a partner or group dong. So he will participate in the prevention of transmission,\” he concluded.

Number of HIV Cases The More, the Ministry of Health: We Lift Iceberg Slowly

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