Friday, 4 December 2015

Contracting HIV from husband, lady It Now So Activists

Contracting HIV from husband, lady It Now So Activists Contracted HIV from her husband did not give a woman\’s life is destroyed. With treatment, he instead become active activists campaigning about HIV-AIDS. To reporters, the woman with the initials GS says it is not easy to open status as HIV positive. Pressure from society, including the family, making requesting anonymity. But that does not mean he did not want to share a story. GS says she contracted HIV from her husband. He who was then just an ordinary housewife was surprised and can not believe I get infected with HIV. \”Because I think I am not among the risk

groups. I do not sell sex and injecting drug use. But in fact I contracted the disease from her husband,\” said GS met after a media briefing at the Ministry of Health, Jl HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, on Monday (30 / 11/2015). After searching for information about HIV-AIDS, a figure met with Prof GS Samsuridjal Djauzi, expert handling of HIV-AIDS in Indonesia. Prof. Samsu say HIV can still run a normal life as long as do anti-retroviral therapy (ART). Since then GS finally ARV regular drinking and engaged in the world of HIV-AIDS. Ordinary life is lived. After her

first husband died, GS remarried and even already had three children. \”Because ARV program, first I need a Caesarean birth and not allowed to love breastfeeding. Sekarng with the latest treatment can be given birth by vaginal and thank God exclusive breastfeeding my child up to 6 months,\” he said. GS advised the other housewives to be more aware of the HIV-AIDS. Why not every wife knows what is being done sumai when outside the home. \”What is important to maintain the resilience of our families, lest cheating husband or even playing with sex workers. HIV has entered a serious

problem because the domestic sphere, has reached our beds. Many-many search of information about HIV,\” he said.

Contracting HIV from husband, lady It Now So Activists

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