Thursday, 10 December 2015

Pemkab felt cheated, What Kind of Mental Health Services in Ciamis?

Pemkab felt cheated, What Kind of Mental Health Services in Ciamis? Budiasih villages in Ciamis, West Java sudden media spotlight. In the village located at the foot of the mountain, there are dozens to tens of people who have mild to severe mental disorders. Budiasih Village of the population that reached 5,168 people, carrying 30 people experiencing mental illness. A total of 8 people locked up, one person deprived, 6 seriously ill people, and 15 people suffered mild mental disorder. Some have referred to the Psychiatric Hospital Cisarua, Bandung. Not all patients with mental disorders in Ciamis recorded by the Department of Health. Based on data from recapitulation report Ciamis district

mental health services in 2014, there were only 44 new cases of mental illness. And even then only six people who suffer from severe mental disorder or psychosis. \”Most likely because of shame that is not reported if there are family members ill. It could also be due to economic factors, see a doctor expensive and eventually brought to an alternate or silenced,\” said Head of Health Department of Health Services Ciamis, Dr. Andi Bastian when met detikHealth new- This new. Of the 37 district health centers and villages in Ciamis, 44 people were reportedly do a mental health evaluation.

A total of six people suffering from severe mental disorder and 22 people suffering from mild mental disorder or neurosis. Meanwhile mentally ill patients amounts to 2 to 4 people with epilepsy and 10 people suffering from other mental disorders. While the data shows there outpatients 238 mental patients in Ciamis. A total of 56 patients suffering from psychotic disorder, neurosis 17 people, 2 people are drug abusers, 5 people suffer from mental retardation, 41 people with epilepsy and 117 other mental disorders. If the prism of the case in the village of Budiasih, of course, the suspicion about the

existence of similar cases in other villages in Ciamis was sticking out. Dr. Andi does not deny it. According to him, there are likely many other citizens are deprived because of a mental disorder, but the government untouched. \”When it comes to the possibility of course there is a possibility. I do not know what percentage of yes but of course this should be a lesson, the future of the health center must be active again drops down so that cases like this do not happen,\” he said, as written on Monday (2/2 / 2015).

Pemkab felt cheated, What Kind of Mental Health Services in Ciamis?

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