Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Please, Baby Faris Need Help for Blood Donor Apheresis

Please, Baby Faris Need Help for Blood Donor Apheresis After undergoing liver transplant surgery at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), baby Faris Gaisyan Asyami (3) were initially treated for the condition biliary atresia is now in a precarious situation. Blood platelets dropped drastically and he needed constant blood supply. Described by his mother, Siti Nur Janah (32) or commonly called Eneng that Faris condition began to deteriorate when it enters the second week postoperatively. Doctors did mention that the early weeks of the first week is a particularly important time for transplant patients. \”From week yesterday his condition had started to drop. Platelets Faris time was 44 thousand while normal

people right 150 thousand yes, but the doctor said nothing about baseball. Continue down so 24 thousand continue to go down again so 12 thousand. Well before 5am platelet finished 8 thousand, \”said detikHealth Eneng when contacted on Wednesday (16/12/2015). What causes the condition to worsen Faris unknown and doctors still perform the examination actions. Faris own new liver condition reported good so there is suspicion of other things such as infections that cause. While waiting for the results to maintain platelet levels Faris require blood transfusions. However, because of the existing conditions of the transfusion can not be done

on a regular donor but must of donor apheresis. Apheresis is a medical technology application in which blood taken from donors screened before transfusion to the patient. The aim of this screening is to take only the specific components of the blood. Faris specifically requires only platelet course of a bag of plasma or blood without any other components that might disturb the immune system. \”Every day blood transfusion to this day already 10 bags. Just because it is not a regular transfusion should be screened repeatedly covered this baseball BPJS (ed Social Security Agency). One bag of four million,\”

continued Eneng who admitted having trouble finding funding. The father, Yudishthira Priambodo (32) day-to-day work as a clerk at the post office while Eneng are housewives. For readers who terketuk detikHealth his heart wants to help, can be channeled through the parents on behalf Yudishthira Priambodo account 9000031612352 (Independent).

Please, Baby Faris Need Help for Blood Donor Apheresis

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