Monday, 14 December 2015

Side Stomach Pain After Sport, What reason?

Have you exercise and then come severe pain in the stomach? If yes then you are experiencing can be caused by several things, and this is quite normal even though professional athletes. Called side stitch or side abdominal cramps, this annoying condition because it can make a person who is active groaning in pain. Senior lecturer of Avondale College in Australia, Dr Darren Morton, said side abdominal cramps can affect runners, swimmers, horsemen, and even motorcyclists. Morton was considered the world because he spent more time to examine the side abdominal cramps. Itself suffering severe cramps at the beginning of

his career as a triathlete. \”I consulted quite extensive and there was no one who understood what about the cause so I think this is an interesting topic to be developed,\” said Morton, who has made 14 key studies of stomach cramps side as quoted by ABC Australia on Monday (16/3 / 2015). According to Morton sudden pain that arises when the exercise is caused by irritation of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity. What is eaten or drunk person before exercise can increase the likelihood of this happening irritation. The membrane layer can bergesekkan if there is pressure from

the stomach expands due to a glut. The same thing can happen if someone drinks a sweet thick before exercising. \”What we know is a thick sweet drinks can draw fluid located between the membrane layers and then triggers stomach cramps,\” said Morton. Among the membrane lining the abdominal cavity there is a protective fluid. When the body is thick sweet drink the fluid in the body will be reduced to dilute the sugary drinks to be more easily absorbed.

Side Stomach Pain After Sport, What reason?

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