Saturday, 12 December 2015

Spread accused of Ebola virus, the Red Cross Guinea Residents Often Attacked

The spread of new infectious Ebola virus is indeed a declining trend. But that does not mean the task of the volunteers has been completed. They have to keep working until the incidence of cases to zero. One of the most instrumental in the downward trend in new infections Ebola in Guinea, West Africa, is a red cross team. Not only collect blood, they also go to the field to bury Ebola positive patients who died, providing education, vaccinations, to routine checks. Unfortunately, their efforts do not get appreciation from the public. Never got ucapa thank you, they instead attacked

by the residents. Why, they are accused of spreading the virus to local residents. \”As long as people still have misconceptions about how the Ebola virus spreads, and continued to hinder volunteers who want to do their job, we can not defeat Ebola,\” said Youssouf Traore, President of the Red Cross Guinea, told Reuters on Friday (02/13/2015) , Traore said that dala one last month, have occurred more than 10 times the attacks are carried out to the citizens of Red Cross volunteers. Attack usually occurs when the volunteers wanted to bury positive patients who have died of Ebola. The

most recent attack occurred in the city of Forecariah, about 60 km from the capital Conakry. Two Red Cross workers were beaten up severely. Traore said that the attack is based on the misunderstanding between local residents with volunteers. \”They thought we eviscerated because it prohibits burial suit local customs are highly vulnerable to transmit Ebola. They also thought that we were doing vaccinations to children is an attempt to transmit Ebola conspiracy to them,\” he said again. Currently the information dissemination and handling of Ebola have been made. The latest news says that the United States president, Barack Obama

will be re-deploy troops to fight Ebola in the countries most severely affected by the Sierra-Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Spread accused of Ebola virus, the Red Cross Guinea Residents Often Attacked

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