Saturday, 12 December 2015

Brain Injury husband, wife Vulnerable Experiencing Chronic Stress

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a disease that causes a person to lose all or most of the functions of his brain. This disease was not only affects the patient, but also to couples who care. Research conducted by Karen Saban from Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing said that the wives of men who suffer TBI often feel anger, upset and deep disappointment. This makes them very vulnerable to stressful conditions continuously or called chronic stress. \”When we felt tired and weary, of course, we hope to rely on our loved ones. But if our loved ones

there, but not him, this situation can lead to chronic stress due to feelings of anger and loss,\” said Saban, quoted by Reuters, Friday (13/02/2015). TBI is usually suffered by war veterans. For his research, Saban invited 40 women who over the last 10 years taking care of TBI patients to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire contains questions about anger, upset and stress they experience. As a result, the wives of TBI patients have a 35 percent greater anger than normal husband and wife with. This anger does not have a specific target and more due to the condition of

a state which obliges them to work, take care of her husband and caring for children alone. Meanwhile, the results of the saliva test suggested that the TBI patients had tumor necrosis more than normal women. Tumor necrosis is a protein that indicates the level of stress and the immune system. In other words, in addition to feeling more angry than others, the wife of TBI patients are more receptive to stress and disease. This also applies to wives with TBI patients who had died.

Brain Injury husband, wife Vulnerable Experiencing Chronic Stress

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