Monday, 14 December 2015

Stress being in office? Try Relieve the Sweet Tea

What do you do when under stress at work? Take a walk, play a game for a while, or a snacking could be the answer most people. However, there\’s nothing wrong you know when you\’re stressed you sip a cup of sweet tea. Researchers in the United States revealed that the consumption of sugar can suppress the hormone cortisol, which is released into the body when a person is under stress. For this study, researchers looked at the effect of sweet drinks in 19 women aged 18-40 years. Half the participants were given a sweet drink at breakfast, lunch, and

dinner for 12 days. While other participants, were given drinks with artificial sweeteners. For 12 days, participants are not allowed to consume any other sugar-sweetened beverages, including fruit juices. Before and after the study period, participants were asked to do a math test that is quite difficult then do the MRI test to measure the brain\’s response to stress. Saliva samples are also used to measure levels of the hormone cortisol. The results found that participants consuming sweet drinks have lower cortisol levels during a math test than those who received artificial sweeteners. \”This is the first evidence of the

consumption of high sugar can relieve stress in humans. Although it can reduce stress or anxiety, you should still be careful when eating them, do not go overboard and if there are other health problems, consult your doctor,\” said one researcher, Dr Kevin Laugero of the University of California. In a report in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism and quoted on Friday (17/04/2015), Dr. Laugero reminiscent of chronic stress can push a person eating too much sugar, especially when they experience psychological and emotional stress. \”Therefore, we suggest to some people who did not have health problems, can

mengosnumsi little sugary drinks to help relieve stress. But, do not be excessive and sugary drinks character only helps relieve stress alone. Many healthy way more that can be done to relieve stress, such as yoga, \”said Dr. Laugero.

Stress being in office? Try Relieve the Sweet Tea

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