Monday, 14 December 2015

Through the eyes, symptoms of Alzheimer\"s Disease and Dementia Can Be Known

Alzheimer\’s and dementia becomes a disease of the brain that are prone to attack in the old days. Prevention efforts must be prioritized so as not developing the disease later in life. Dr. Mojtaba Golzan, researchers from the School of Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University, said developing technology to make Alzheimer\’s and dementia can be detected through the eye. In fact he said that through the eyes, the risk of developing Alzheimer\’s and dementia can be seen up to 20 years into the future. \”The test is very simple. We gather people with Alzheimer\’s and dementia in Macquarie and see

how the brain responds to stimulation of the retina that we do to one\’s eyes,\” said Dr. Golzan, quoted by ABC Australia, Friday (17/04/2015). Dr Golzan explained that in general, the cells in the entire human body needs blood supply to work and receive stimulation, including cells in the retina of the eye. He measured how quickly the brain capture command of cells in the retina before finally sending the required blood. Apparently, the more severe or difficult tests performed, the more cells are active and need more blood. In people with dementia and Alzheimer\’s, the response sent by the

brain and the need for blood for the cells is lower than normal people. Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Golzan and his team are developing a device that can produce a portrait of the retina and blood circulation to the brain. Hopefully with this tool, the early symptoms of dementia can be found and the risk of disease will be reduced. Grame Samuel, President of Alzheimer\’s Australia said technology weapons being developed Dr Golzan as a brilliant idea. He realized the importance of prevention of dementia and Alzheimer\’s should come first, because until now there has been no treatment that

can cure the disease. \”Once you develop Alzheimer\’s disease is going to eat away your brain and your brain cells. In this phase the patient will be difficult to be saved. Therefore it is important to find the disease early, to be given therapy to alleviate or even eliminate the risk of Alzheimer\’s and dementia , \”he said.

Through the eyes, symptoms of Alzheimer\"s Disease and Dementia Can Be Known

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