Thursday, 10 December 2015

There is only one doctor Life in Ciamis, Impaired Patients Referred to RSJ Cisarua

Budiasih villages in Ciamis, West Java spotlight because of the many people who suffer from mental disorders. In fact, there is only one psychiatrist in the district located in the southern half of West Java. Chief Medical Officer Ciamis, drg Engkan Iskandar said that there is only one psychiatrist in hospitals Ciamis. Because inevitably, mental patients from the village Budiasih also be referred to RSJ Cisarua in Bandung. \”We is not no facilities. Because of hospitalized mental patients that need the special room, special nurse, can not be arbitrary. It makes us refer to RSJ Cisarua,\” said drg detikHealth Engkan

when met recently. Mental patients are referred for treatment and therapy. After the process of therapy and treatment is complete, the patient will be returned to home but still have to perform outpatient treatment. It is said that indeed regency dr Engkan could not do much because of lack of inpatient facility for mental patients. But when the patient is back to continue outpatient, it will seek as much as possible so that health centers are available to serve patients with mental disorders. \”So if in the future there are symptoms of a mental disorder, whether it be dreamy, laugh,

or be reserved immediately brought to the health center.\’ll See first whether they can be treated or should be referred to,\” he said. For the record, there are 30 people who confirmed Budiasih residents suffering from mild to severe mental disorder. Some of them can still be normal activities because only a mild disorder, while the rest there were shackled and locked in a hut outside the house. One is Mamad (35). Doctors say that tested positive Mamad skrizofrenia and is now being treated at RSJ Cisarua, Bandung along with five other residents were known to suffer from severe mental


There is only one doctor Life in Ciamis, Impaired Patients Referred to RSJ Cisarua

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