Saturday, 12 December 2015

This reason Excessive Junk Food Obesity Can Trigger

For fans of junk food, suggestions for healthy eating may just sound like the wind. For them, remains the most delicious fried food or hamburger containing saturated fat and high salt. Though the risk of obesity lurk in sight. This is not just to scare you know. The proof, a scientist from the UK managed to uncover the reasons why people who love to eat unhealthy foods tend to be overweight or even obese. So in the human gut are approximately 3,500 species of microbes vary. Now the existence of microbes is what keeps a person healthy gut. But when

the person concerned eating unhealthy foods, then the number of microbes that will be drastically reduced. \”Even those who have only limited eating processed foods will lose more than a third of the microbes in the stomach,\” said the researchers, Tim Spector as quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (12/05/2015). This is evidenced professor of genetic epidemiology at King\’s College London was to conduct experiments on his own son named Tom. 23-year-old man was asked to consume food from a fast-food outlets for 10 days. \”Before I started eating it, there are about 3,500 species of microbes in the gut me.

The most dominating species named \’Firmicutes\’. But when I started to eat hamburgers, chicken nuggets and soda, I immediately lost about 1,300 species, and dominated by species called \’bacteriodetes\’, \”said Tom. Changes in the composition of microbial or mikrobioma this is unfortunate Prof Spector. For bacterial imbalance in the body is also associated with higher risk of health problems such as colitis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease to autism. \”My advice, an sugars less fat, and switch to a more natural foods such as garlic, coffee, lower leaves and celery to increase the number of healthy flora in the gut,\”

he said.

This reason Excessive Junk Food Obesity Can Trigger

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