Saturday, 12 December 2015

Through photos, Mother Successful Eye Cancer Early Detection son

Almost all parents would keep her baby picture just like what was done by Julie Fitzgerald of Illinois, USA. Only photos stored by Julie not only serves as a reminder but accidentally also be a means of cancer detection. Julie beginning it was suspected that there was something strange in the eyes of the child, Avery Fitzgerald (2). It is increasingly evident when there is no light shining on Avery\’s eyes. \”A few months, I began to realize when I saw Avery directly under the rays I could see something in his eyes,\” Julie said as quoted from HLNTV on

Wednesday (13/05/2015). Julie was then looking for clues that may be encountered on the Internet and find an article about a woman whose eyes look white when photographed. In an article written that it could be a sign of the presence of cancer in the eye. When Julie photographing Avery, the picture shows his left eye looks white. Once checked to the doctor it is true that Avery suffered retinablastoma and tumor had covered 75 percent of his eyes that had to be removed. \”If we do not dispose of his eyes, the cancer can spread to the blood and

then to the brain,\” said Julie. \”Our lives changed from normal to cancer patients later became a cancer survivor in just three weeks. Photo turned out to be our worst nightmare but it also saved the lives of our children,\” he concluded.

Through photos, Mother Successful Eye Cancer Early Detection son

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