Friday, 4 December 2015

Tim MoH: Population Living with Pigs Using Fused Raw Water

The Ministry of Health has sent a team to track and gather facts related to the mysterious death of 32 children in the district Mbuwa, nduga regency, Papua. Health Minister Nila F Moeloek said it had received reports related to the fact that collected the team. Health Minister Nila said, the geography in the area there are very difficult to reach. Plane from Wamena Papua should head first and then from Wamena have to walk to the location. Temperatures there was reported to be 4-6 degrees Celsius. \”We had lost contact with the team, because of signal problems. But it

can return to Wamena and has obtained the report. The society also can not speak Indonesian, so we had to call the interpreter,\” said Health Minister Nila in the office Kemenko PMK, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/30/2015). It is said Menkes, news of the death of 32 infants with fever, convulsions, diarrhea and there is actually derived from the information minister who feel citizens had long been present in the church. Related mortality, the Health Minister Nila call numbers vary greatly. PHC there was nothing but hard to reach either of health workers to the community or

from community to community health centers. \”From our team found 15 children died and there were 3 adults. If it dies at the same time it does not. If in a moment that plague most likely, but it is not, so this is a cumulative figure,\” said Health Minister Nila. \”Indeed, the behavior of their lives still use honai home. And they also never put water cooked and we can imagine how it clean,\” he added. In a statement, Public Communication Center of the Ministry of Health revealed based on the search team, residents in District Mbuwa stay home honai

that integrates with pigsty. Room in the house honai only at small children and they usually do not use footwear. Source water is also contaminated with manure and water never cooked when consumed. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health teams keep taking specimens today already up in Jakarta and will be checked. From the results of the examination of specimens will be anticipated if the only condition that has the potential to become epidemic. Since Sunday (29/11) yesterday, the Ministry of Health still sent a team and cooperate with the military so that the team can more quickly up. Later, the

team will perform more accurate by taking a specimen and brought the vaccine, immunizing the population and carry extra food. \”Hopefully, this is only due to the weather and physical condition. But whatever we have to do a more detailed examination,\” said Health Minister Nila.

Tim MoH: Population Living with Pigs Using Fused Raw Water

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