Monday, 14 December 2015

Well, Diligent Cleaning Home Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy

Well, Diligent Cleaning Home Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy Various ways you can do the elderly (the elderly) to maintain their health. One of them is by actively doing household chores so that the environment surrounding the shelter will be neater and cleaner. A study conducted nursing students at Case Western Reserve University found that doing household chores so clean and orderly home environment had a positive impact on physical and emotional health of the elderly. For cleaning the house makes the elderly more active. \”It is surprising that domestic work to keep the neatness of the house and the cleanliness of the property make the physical and mental

state of the elderly, higher impact than environmental factors or income,\” said lead researcher Kathy D Wright, PhD, RN, CNS in a report in the journal Geriatric Nursing and quoted on Friday (04/17/2015). For this study, Wright and his team tested the theory House\’s Conceptual Framework for Understanding Social Inequalities in Health and Aging. This theory see how factors such as income, education, the environment, and healthy lifestyle behaviors such as exercise and smoking, affect the health of the elderly. The study involved 337 participants aged 65-94 years. They have at least one chronic disease, are taking any medications, and

some difficulty when performing at least one daily activities such as bathing or dressing. They are also less able to be responsible for several activities such as taking medication, managing finances, and access to transportation. The participants were asked about the background and the conditions of their physical and emotional health. The researchers also used the University of Utah\’s Digit Lab for linking geography and socio-economic information in the neighborhood of participants with a data health. \”Surprising that the living environment which is actually made up of lower middle income people do not really affect the health of the elderly.

But, with their active working on something in the house until the house be neat, clean, and quiet, it can make the elderly feel healthier, both physical or mental, \”said Wright. He added that the elderly who live in an environment that tends to chaotic and messy, often feel the dissatisfaction in his life. Therefore, Wright hopes people, especially family members could more actively encourage the seniors with chronic illnesses or disabilities to be more active. Do not worry too much, simply by conducting home

Well, Diligent Cleaning Home Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy

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