Monday, 14 December 2015

Studies Discover the link between the Genetic Mind Sharp Elderly

Genetic differences between each man said researchers could explain why some people are senile when an aging but some are not. There are variations of the genes found by the researchers is closely related to a person\’s ability to process new information. The same gene is also said to be associated with autism researcher and personality of a person. In a large-scale international study involving the data 30 thousand people from 12 countries, researchers from Edinburgh University, Scotland, trying to understand how the mental state can be decreased. All respondents were asked to perform a cognitive test that the ability

of the brain can be measured. The result is the ability slower information processing was found to have a variation in a gene called CADM2. These genes have a role in communication between brain cells. When the brain\’s ability to process information slows down, then the mind and one\’s memory would also be affected. \”This explains why a person\’s ability to think is more efficient than the other. This finding small but encouraging in understanding the biological basis of how to think more efficiently,\” said one researcher Professor Ian Deary as quoted by the BBC on Friday (17/04/2015) , Deary

but stressed the association between genetic and speed of thought is actually small. They can only detect it because the number of respondents in the study are many. Dr Jonathan Roiser of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, commented on the research and say that it is a person\’s cognitive abilities related to genetics. It has been further established by the study. \”Statistically significant result because they found the same effect on the entire sample in the study, regardless of where the participants come from,\” concludes Roiser.

Studies Discover the link between the Genetic Mind Sharp Elderly

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