Thursday, 10 December 2015

Organ Intimate Growing Imperfect, Should Inoperable?

Organ Intimate Growing Imperfect, Should Inoperable? Conditions sex organs are not fully developed in children or also called Disorder of Sexual Development (DSD), require appropriate treatment in order to quickly recover. Well, it not only can be obtained through surgery, you know. \”The operation will help patients whose organs sex is not fully formed, the surgical reconstruction. But treatment vary, previewed also from a contributing factor,\” explained the specialist urology from RS Asri Jakarta, Dr. Irfan Wahyudi, SpU, to detikHealth, Monday (2 / 2/2015). Like for example if the results of the examination found that the cause of this DSD arises is due to hormonal abnormalities,

then the treatment can be done with prior hormone therapy. This step is done by providing hormonal drugs to patients. Well, if it was decided to do surgery then this action is usually done with the aim to improve the disorder or disability that occurs. First, improve the structure of the penis so as not to stick. Second, moving the urine hole from the bottom to the tip of the penis (in patients with hypospadias DSD). While the third, to unify the scrotum. According to the plastic surgeon of the hospital Dr Soetomo, Beta Subakti Nata\’atmaja, MD, before the formation

of genital surgery, the status of the sexes is concerned should be ensured, either genetic, hormonal, and psychological. \”Usually the mapping of chromosomes to determine gender based on the genetic code (chromosomes),\” said Dr. Beta. Additionally seen hormonal status, because there are clear differences in the predominant type of hormones between men and women. In addition, the hormone also affects secondary genitalia based on sex in question, such as the breast in women, and the whiskers and the Adam\’s apple in males. If it turns out that the women concerned are, after penile surgery formation can then plastic surgery again

to be made vagina? \”Yes, it makes the vagina more easily than making the penis,\” explained Dr. Beta. Operation formation of genitals is usually followed by hormone therapy. But this depends on the patient\’s hormone status. Generally, such operations were performed only once.

Organ Intimate Growing Imperfect, Should Inoperable?

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